HP Virtual Connect Private VLAN Integration with Cisco and VMware PVLAN

From time to time, customers will want to configure Virtual Connect PVLAN in order to work with their Cisco or VMware environment.

Virtual Connect has a checkbox for private network when you configure a “vnet” (internal vlan). However, it’s not the same thing as the PVLAN you find in Cisco Catalyst, Nexus switches or VMware VDS. I developed this deck some time ago to help to clarify some confusions, feel free to download here.


I also created Youtube video demos to show some lab captures when I tested the configuration.

HP OneView Initial Configuration Tutorial Video and OneView with 3PAR/Brocade Network Advisor Integration Video

With my original HP Virtual Connect Initial Configuration Youtube video getting over ten thousand views and growing, I have been thinking to make an equivalent initial configuration tutorial video for HP OneView for some time.

Whenever I learn any new product or technology, usually I will try to search if there are some good video tutorials out there instead of reading official user guide from page one. A good tutorial video can help me a long way and I want to help my readers using the same way as well because there are still many users just trying to get a good starting point.

Because of the above reasons, I made two separate videos but they are related to each other.

The first one is the step-by-step configuration from the scratch using HP OneView simulator. This will help users to get familiar with HP OneView workflow and some important terms like Uplink Set, Logical Interconnect, Network Set and etc.


The second video will cover the next step after initial configuration. Assuming you already finish setting up OneView initial configuration and want to verify your LAN/SAN connectivity along with looking for some advanced features like OneView with HP 3PAR StoreServ storage array and Brocade Network Advisor Integration, this video will use the live system to demo these items for you.


Hope the above two videos help you with getting to know HP OneView.

Nexus1000v for VMware Integration with Virtual Connect

This presentation highlights how to configure Nexus1000v with Virtual Connect. The presentation can be downloaded here.

Nexus1000v VSM deployment design for Virtual Connect is the same as general Cisco recommendation. However, two points need to be pointed out related with Virtual Connect environment. (It’d be much better to review presentation first before watching videos below to understand configuration context.)

1) Adding VEM on ESXi host connecting with Virtual Connect

2) Configuring MAC-pinning host port-channel for VEM uplinks

HP Proliant Server with Emulex CAN PXE and FCOE Configuration Without Virtual Connect(Using Cisco B22 FEX module etc)

It’s common that server admins need to set up PXE and FCOE configuration for HP Proliant servers. For HP blade server with Virtual Connect modules, users can configure all PXE and FCOE settings in either OneView or classic Virtual Connect Manager GUI.

However, some customers may need to use other switches other than HP Virtual Connect for HP Proliant server network connectivity. This includes Proliant blade servers using Cisco B22 FEX module or other blade switches as well as Proliant rack servers. Meanwhile, many HP Proliant servers these days are shipped with Emulex CNAs as LOM or FlexLOM.

It can be tricky to set up PXE and FCOE without Virtual Connect profile concept because users need to enter server RBSU and Emulex ROM to configure relevant settings.

This presentation is to help users with server RBSU and Emulex ROM PXE and FCOE configuration. At the end of the presentation, there is also a section of Emulex BFS booting messages where you can see the common booting errors and related causes. This actually will even help you to troubleshoot when you are using Virtual Connect module.

Hope it helps your deployment. The presentation can be downloaded here.


HP Announce OneView for Infrastructure Management

HP’s new infrastructure management OneView is announced today. This is a very big announcement for HP.

It’s the next-generation HP management software to combine management of HP Proliant blade and rack servers. In near future, it’ll also provide HP storage(3PAR) and networking management.

In version 1.0, here are some key technical facts

  • The management controller will be available to download as virtual appliance format in early Q4 2013
  • The virtual appliance can manage up to 640 servers(or 40 c7000 enclosures)
  • Rackmount Gen8 and Blade Gen8/G7 servers are supported but blade Gen8 will have full features supported while some of OneView features won’t be available on G7 blade servers.  Some features doesn’t apply to rack Gen8 server in this version because rack servers don’t have virtual connect component(which is the key component to enable service mobility).
  • Virtual Connect Flex-10/10D, Flexfabric, Flex-10 are supported. Virtual Connect Fibre channel module will be supported in future release. VC-1/10 module will NOT be supported.
  • c7000 enclosure is supported. Not c3000 enclosure.

You can watch quick product demos and OneView marketing page here. There are 4 good technical demos after you click “Get An HP OneView Demo”.


Also, this is a video link showing how OneView is different than Cisco UCS in the way it operates.