HP BladeSystem Firmware/Driver Matrix

With latest SPP and SUM5.0, HP is trying to make firmware management easier for customers. SPP is HP’s direction to have customers manage firmware/driver/software on Proliant servers from single DVD ISO.

SPP offers 3 documents: Contents Report, Server Support Guide and Release Notes. They cover all products and components in a very detailed way.

However, many times people just need a very quick table to pinpoint which version is included in latest SPP for the most important and popular components and sometimes we’d like to download firmware/driver of individual component. Another most commonly asked question is firmware/driver for G7 and Gen8 servers LOM and Flexible LOM.

I created this table trying to help people saving time on these questions. I’ll try my best to maintain it and we’ll see. We all know most of matrix table ended up with out-of-date info after some time.

I’d appreciate if you let me know any out-of-date or incorrect info you see. Any feedbacks are also welcomed. I read all feedbacks and will definitely improve my doc upon popular requests.

The table is created in .doc format as table functionality on blog is very limited. you can click HERE to download or just click the image below.



4 thoughts on “HP BladeSystem Firmware/Driver Matrix

  1. Hey there, have you ever heard of people writing their own firmware updates? The reason I ask is that the firmware updates give users access to the underlying OS and various modules execute basically shell scripts. To be able to use /usr/local/vceth/bin/cli to automate configuration changes from vcsu would be extremely cool – and allow users to deploy Blade chassis extremely quickly.

  2. Missing:

    OnBoard Administrator Firmware Security Upgrade

    iLO3 v1.28 also REQUIRES the following Windows drivers on G7 Servers.
    We already expirenced Virtual Connect outagages because of non matching Firmware+Drivers.

    So for iLO3 v1.28 upgrades, also these are needed:
    HP ProLiant iLO 3/4 Channel Interface Driver for Windows X64, v3.4.0.0

    HP ProLiant iLO 3/4 Channel Interface Driver for Windows X86, v3.4.0.0

    HP ProLiant iLO 3/4 Management Controller Driver Package for Windows Server 2008 X64, v3.4.0.0

    HP ProLiant iLO 3/4 Management Controller Driver Package for Windows Server 2008 X86, v3.4.0.0

    • thanks for the comments.

      which OA security upgrade did you refer to? the link is OA image download link.

      which VC outages did u refer to because of non matching firmware+drivers?

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