Virtual Connect 3.70 Release New Features

VC3.70 was just released and it’s a feature release, which means that it includes more features compared with VC3.60 and VC3.51 where both of them are primarily bug-fix releases with VC3.51 starts to support Gen8 server(BL460Gen8).

One of the major features in VC3.70 is Virtual Connect 3PAR storage array direct attach. Now you can direct attach 3PAR storage array directly with VC FlexFabric module without any SAN switching layer. I created a presentation to show how to config 3PAR and VC FlexFabric for this feature. Please download the deck Here.

Another feature in VC3.70 is to support newly release Virtual Connect Flex-10/10D module. Comparing this module with original Flex-10, this module provides more uplink ports(10) and also 4 internal 10G stack links. I don’t see you’ll use too much of internal 40G stacking bandwidth, especially if you use VC Active/Active design, where your user traffic will go directly from downlink to uplink and vice versa without using stacking link. The best thing is that you can now use all 10 uplink ports without worrying about original Flex-10 X7/X8 shared stacking link. You can check the module spec from the quick link in my VC bookmark page at the top of the web page.

Also, Flex-10/10D module is planned to provide FCOE uplink(Not FC uplink) and FCOE downlink in the future.

For more information on this new module and 3.70 new features, please check my Virtual Connect Technical Overview Presentation. I just updated it with the new contents.

3 thoughts on “Virtual Connect 3.70 Release New Features

  1. Awesome blog and a great post – thank you! I’m glad to see the 4Gb FC connectivity issue to Nexus 5K switches have been resolved in the VC 3.70 release.

  2. Had a disaster updating from VC v3.60 to VC v3.70 with 2x Flex-10 VC modules & 2x 4GB VC-FC modules in a single C7000. Firmware fails to activate & domain config gets wiped out. Config wont restore from v3.60 backup. Had to force downgrade & restore backup. Case logged with HP Support & has been open for almost a week – no fix as yet. Will keep you posted

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