HP OneView Initial Configuration Tutorial Video and OneView with 3PAR/Brocade Network Advisor Integration Video

With my original HP Virtual Connect Initial Configuration Youtube video getting over ten thousand views and growing, I have been thinking to make an equivalent initial configuration tutorial video for HP OneView for some time.

Whenever I learn any new product or technology, usually I will try to search if there are some good video tutorials out there instead of reading official user guide from page one. A good tutorial video can help me a long way and I want to help my readers using the same way as well because there are still many users just trying to get a good starting point.

Because of the above reasons, I made two separate videos but they are related to each other.

The first one is the step-by-step configuration from the scratch using HP OneView simulator. This will help users to get familiar with HP OneView workflow and some important terms like Uplink Set, Logical Interconnect, Network Set and etc.


The second video will cover the next step after initial configuration. Assuming you already finish setting up OneView initial configuration and want to verify your LAN/SAN connectivity along with looking for some advanced features like OneView with HP 3PAR StoreServ storage array and Brocade Network Advisor Integration, this video will use the live system to demo these items for you.


Hope the above two videos help you with getting to know HP OneView.