HP OneView Initial Configuration Tutorial Video and OneView with 3PAR/Brocade Network Advisor Integration Video

With my original HP Virtual Connect Initial Configuration Youtube video getting over ten thousand views and growing, I have been thinking to make an equivalent initial configuration tutorial video for HP OneView for some time.

Whenever I learn any new product or technology, usually I will try to search if there are some good video tutorials out there instead of reading official user guide from page one. A good tutorial video can help me a long way and I want to help my readers using the same way as well because there are still many users just trying to get a good starting point.

Because of the above reasons, I made two separate videos but they are related to each other.

The first one is the step-by-step configuration from the scratch using HP OneView simulator. This will help users to get familiar with HP OneView workflow and some important terms like Uplink Set, Logical Interconnect, Network Set and etc.


The second video will cover the next step after initial configuration. Assuming you already finish setting up OneView initial configuration and want to verify your LAN/SAN connectivity along with looking for some advanced features like OneView with HP 3PAR StoreServ storage array and Brocade Network Advisor Integration, this video will use the live system to demo these items for you.


Hope the above two videos help you with getting to know HP OneView.

8 thoughts on “HP OneView Initial Configuration Tutorial Video and OneView with 3PAR/Brocade Network Advisor Integration Video

  1. Hi,
    Is there a way to hide the unused NICs in OneView? Another issue we faced was NC534FLB in BL660c Gen8 was not showing the FC PFs as Storage adapters in VMware 5.5 U2. We had used HP image. We had to go back to Onboard Administrator to fix this. I am disappointed with OneView and the lack of backward support.

    • this function is not available in current OV version today. It was added into VCM in around 4.20 version. I understand your frustration and agree OV should add it asap. OV has some features VCM doesn’t have while still catching up some VCM features.

      For Broadcom FCOE not shown in Vsphere, it’s actually not OV issue, it’s more Broadcom issue, please see this VMware KB

      I personally can’t understand why Broadcom will deliver a CNA without enable the function by default in Vsphere. It’s extra step to enable and causes inconvenience to users. We should make things easy for users.


      • Thanks for your reply. HP support came and fixed the NIC issue this morning. But I really feel let down by the lack of backward compatibility and it disturbs me when I see the scripts executing. When will we able to do away with those scripts for configurations?

  2. Are you referring to the Broadcom FCOE CNA issue in VMware KB? If so, I think both VCM and OV will have the same issue. Not sure what do you mean by “backward compatibility” because it’s day 1 issue. The problem actually is from Broadcom, not HP code. It’s up to Broadcom on when they want to change this behavior. You should see the same issue for Broadcom CNA for other non-HP servers.

    • That is all right. I was frustrated by the lack of support for 3PAR F200. That was really a shocker. The F200 is not even 3 Years old. And there was Virtual Connect VC. I am glad that is now sorted out. The documentation is a mess with all sorts of non-oneview options dominating. Why don’t we have a user guide specifically for OneView and just OneView. Will the mapping error while integrating vCenter prevent the Network Diagram?

      Please upload a video of integrating with vCenter with Dos and Don’ts and troubleshooting.

  3. IMO, HP documentation has lots of room to be improved(I say that even though I’m HP employee). That’s actually the main reason I created this blog because many times I couldn’t find the information I’m looking for. Imagine it for our customers…I hope spit can improve the company agility for enterprise users.

    Actually there is a much nicer doc site from HP. Not sure if you know it but it’s called HP Enterprise Information Library. just google it and it’s the top link. this is URL.


    If you want OneView or OneView for vCenter information, you can select “Converged Management” button under main server tab. (you can also get 3PAR info by going to storage tab).

    you can further filter but select OneView sub item.

    I just created a doc in regard to detailed OneView integration with vCenter. It’ll be published to HP.com soon and I’ll update the blog with the pointer. If you want to draft copy of it, please send me your email to hongjun.ma@hp.com and I’ll share it with you.

  4. thanks for the video about hp oneview setup and configuration.

    what version of HP oneview did you use to create that video?
    I just installed HPE_OneView_2.00.07 and im looking into the option of migrating our current environment into OneView.

    do i have to create all server profiles, interconnects and networks manually before migrating our VC to oneview ?

    or will migrating the VC create all this for me ?

    2x chassis
    2x FlexFabric 10gb/24 port module
    VC is 4.45
    OA is 4.50
    latest SPP installed on all servers.

    im fairly new with oneview so im uncertain as to how to proceed and what the best solution is.

    appreciate any help


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