OVCLI: A HPE Synergy OneView Command Line Tool

I’d like to share one Synergy OneView CLI I have been working on.


The tool is about 10M bytes and can be used on windows/Linux/MAC platform.

If you are IT admin and just want to run the tool without worrying about install any programming dependencies, you can download .exe file from the web directly. Another option is to run the tool with the docker image format

User Tutorials:
1. How to use ovcli tool https://youtu.be/BveIKt9–4Y
2. How to use ovcli docker image https://youtu.be/dP6sHnvYaVI

In any case, if you know Go programming language and wants to compile from the source, you can do “go get” from github repo directly.

The CLI tool intends to complement the current OneView GUI, Powershell cmdlets and other devops tools like Python/Ansible libraries.

Some of the examples are shown below like show mac, show server profile, show logical interconnect. You can do other commands like create/delete/edit Synergy resources.




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