Nexus1000v for VMware Integration with Virtual Connect

This presentation highlights how to configure Nexus1000v with Virtual Connect. The presentation can be downloaded here.

Nexus1000v VSM deployment design for Virtual Connect is the same as general Cisco recommendation. However, two points need to be pointed out related with Virtual Connect environment. (It’d be much better to review presentation first before watching videos below to understand configuration context.)

1) Adding VEM on ESXi host connecting with Virtual Connect

2) Configuring MAC-pinning host port-channel for VEM uplinks

Virtual Connect 4.01 Release New Features Demo

I just updated my Virtual Connect Technical Overview deck to reflect some new features releases in Virtual Connect 4.0.1. They include:

  • Min/Max BW Optimization
  • Dual-Hop FCOE to Nexus5500/5000
  • QOS

If you have viewed this deck before and would like to directly jump to 4.0.1 new feature section, it starts from slide 67.

I also created a youtube video showing the above three features. Hopefully it can help you with better understanding these features.

I also updated my “VC Bookmark” tab with latest 4.01 links and added a “Download” tab for VC 4.01 image download(too difficult to find on web).