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Virtual Connect Firmware 4.01 Same image for Flex-10/10D, Flexfabric, Flex10 and VC-FC modules. VC-1/10F is not supported as it’s end of sale.
Requires Virtual Connect Support Utility(VCSU) 1.81.
Virtual Connect Support Utility(VCSU) 1.81 VCSU Windows tool to install the VC firmware.

2 thoughts on “Image Download

    • For most part, you can still check VC Flexfabric cookbook and it’s the same thing for Flex-10/10D.

      The major difference between Flex10/10D and Flexfabric is that Flex10/10D doesn’t have native FC component. So it’s a 10G ethernet module plus + Dual-Hop FCOE to Nexus5500/5000.

      If you want to know how to config Flex-10/10D(or Flexfabric) dual-hop FCOE, the best guide is VC Dual-hop FCOE tech white paper. It’s very nice detailed page with lots of diagram and screencapture. I’ll post the link in my blog bookmark page shortly.

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