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It’s hard to change the company’s production public facing web layout and sometimes it’s not that easy to find the docs you need. Over the time I keep these links bookmarked for my quick technical references.

Please let me know any broken link and I’ll get it fixed.

Document Title Comments
Technical Overview
Virtual Connect Technical Overview Presentation This is the presentation I created to help customers to know the unique architecture VC provided compared with traditional blade switch and pass through module. It also has the graphic representation on how VC works internally.

Configuration Tutorial
Virtual Connect FlexFabric Cookbook Very good doc on how to configure virtual connect step by step.  Updated on 10/2014 to add FF20/40 F8 module.
Virtual Connect Dual-Hop FCOE Configuration Tutorial This is the best doc to see how you can config virtual connect Dual-Hop FCOE feature. Published on 07/2013 with VC4.01 release.

Network Integration with Cisco vPC and HPN IRF
Virtual Connect Network Configuration by CLI and Integration example with N5K vPC This is the presentation I created to help network admins to understand how to config and troubleshoot VC. I also translated Cisco network concept/CLI syntax to VC terminology and CLI. The lab capture was done by using N5K vPC topology and there are N5K captures to show how it’s configured and showed at Nexus side.
Virtual Connect Configuration with N5K vPC This is another whitepaper showing the configuration example using VC and N5K vPC.
Virtual Connect Integration with Nexus 5K/2K This white paper talks about VC integration with N5K/N2K. Please be note: you don’t need to config lacp short timeout anymore on N5K side. It’s a caveat on N5K early version and the command was the workaround. The later version of N5K doesn’t need this command.
Virtual Connect Integration with HP Networking IRF This is the white paper I created to show case HPN Intelligent Resilient Framework(IRF) integration with Virtual Connect. The same VC design principle and configuration also apply to cases where VC is connecting to other switch-cluster technology like Cisco vPC and VSS.

Virtual Connect Fibre Channel Cookbook If you want to do anything related to VC Fibre Channel design and configuration, this is the doc you need to read first. Just updated in 08/2012 to reflect VC3.70 new features including 3PAR Direct Connect.
Virtual Connect iSCSI Cookbook Updated on 12/2013.
VC and 3PAR Direct Attach My presentation how to config VC and 3PAR for direct attach

For People Trying to Know VC, Especially from Network Side
Virtual Connect Technology Whitepaper for Cisco Administrators VC technology white paper targeted for Cisco network admins who are new to VC concepts
Virtual Connect Common Myths VC concepts explained in Q&A format

Configuration Example with VMware vSphere
Virtual Connect Flex-10 Configuration for vSphere 4 VC configuration example using Mapped or Tunnel VLAN. The same configuration can be used with Vsphere5 with the replacement of Service Console by Mgmt network.
Virtual Connect FlexFabric Configuration for vSphere 5 Just released on 04/2012.
Virtual Connect FlexFabric Configuration for vSphere 4 This doc is newer than Flex-10 one and it follows the same layout but it doesn’t have the screen capture for VC GUI so I put it below Flex-10 one. When it comes down to pure Ethernet design, FF module is the same thing as Flex-10. It’s better to read both docs.

Virtual Connect Stacking Design
Virtual Connect Multi-Enclosure Stacking Guide This white paper talks about how to stack Virtual Connect across multiple enclosures. It’s a good reference doc however the doc has some out-of-date information. In particular, the current recommended stacking design is dual-ring topology instead of single-ring topology discussed in the guide. The dual-ring topology can sustain any single point of failure in case of VC module upgrade or losing any enclosure in the stacking. Please see VC Setup and Installation Guide below for the latest recommendation of VC stacking design.
Virtual Connect 4.01 Setup and Installation Guide There are lots of very good information inside this documentation such as latest recommended VC stacking design and supported VC H/W setup.  Page 25 for multiple enclosure stacking. Page 20 for multiple VC ethernet modules stacking in one enclosure.

VC Release Notes and User Guide
VC 4.01 Release Notes Major release on 6/10/2013.
VC 4.01 GUI User Guide Major features including FCOE uplink to Nexus5000, Min/Max Bandwidth and QOS.
VC 4.01 CLI User Guide The doc from VC engineering team to show you how to manage VC by CLI
VCSU 1.8.1 User Guide VCSU is a small Windows/Linux/HP-UX tool to upgrade VC firmware. Another option to upgrade VC firmware is to use HP SUM5/SPP( HP SUM5/SPP is targeted for firmware/driver management for the entire HP Proliant and BladeSystem portfolio while VCSU provides a quick and easy way dedicated to VC firmware. Always try to download latest VCSU version to upgrade VC(It doesn’t hurt or cost anything to upgrade this small client program). VCSU current latest version is 1.60 and can be download here.

Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager
VCEM Quick Start Guide VCEM is the solution to manage multiple VC domains. This is the presentation I created to help people understand how VCEM works and how it looks like.

Product Spec (Access HP Quickspec tool here.)
VC Flex-10/10D QuickSpec Newest model in VC family available in 08/2012. Consider it as a upgrade model for Flex-10 with more external ports(10 of them) and internal dedicated stacking link(4 of them instead of 2 in Flex-10 sharing with external ports). “D” means that it’s capable of DCB/FCOE.
VC FlexFabric QuickSpec VC module doing FCOE downlink to servers and split FC/10G ethernet traffic at external ports. First 4 ports can be configured to native FC port on port-by-port base. Please note, one common confusion: the uplink can be either ethernet or FC but can NOT be FCOE uplink. FCOE link is between Flexfabric downlink and server CNA.
VC Flex-10 QuickSpec 10G Ethernet module for uplink and downlink to servers.

17 thoughts on “Virtual Connect Bookmarks

  1. Does dual-hop FCoE work in this configuration? CNA(nc553i)–>VC(10/10D)–>Cisco55xx–>Brocade–IBM SVC–EMC/XIV
    Does Cisco 55xx have to be run on FCF mode only?

  2. I updated VC to 4.2. still get same error on Emulex FCoE bios (firmware 4.9.331.20): error happened during device scan.
    The LUN zoning is done on Brocade, not TOR Cisco 5K. The TOR Cisco 5K is in NPV mode.
    The v 4.2 supports 32 FCoE network, that’s great. Do you have suggestion on where it can be wrong? I am not Cisco guy, but I can have our Cisco CCIE talk to you. if possible, please provide direct email.

    • first thing to check before any SAN zoning is to see if you get FLOGI on N5K NPV. please do “show npv flogi-table” on both N5Ks. do you see blade CNAs login on N5Ks?

      my company email is if you have further questions.

    • yeah, HPE separation broke many of them. Actually there is one site I use a lot, if you google “HP enterprise information library”, you’ll see a centralized doc repository and all docs are pretty up to date.

  3. Hello

    This links don’t work anymore
    Virtual Connect Integration with Nexus 5K/2K
    Virtual Connect Network Configuration by CLI and Integration example with N5K vPC
    Virtual Connect Technology Whitepaper for Cisco Administrators

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